Easy Edit Links WordPress Plugin


This is the section created on the page/post edit screen

This is a simple WordPress Plugin written with PHP and JQuery that adds a convenient little box to your page/post edit screen that contains a list of all pages, posts, tags, categories and links, with edit buttons for each and a link to the actual live page for easy copying and pasting (Google Chrome and Safari users can even drag and drop). This plugin contains a self-caching feature so that the HTML code does not need to be recompiled every time the box is displayed, making it surprisingly light-weight.

For more information, or to get the source code, visit Kalin’s Easy Edit Links Download page at WordPress.org, or search for it in the plugin repository of your WordPress admin.

Here’s a screenshot of a portion of the settings page, giving you the ability to drag-and-drop to reorder items along with some other options regarding what to display.

Easy Edit Links Settings Page Screenshot

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AS3 Character Text Effect Class

This is a class I built in 2008 to animate any textfield, character by character. All you have to do is create a textfield, enter the text you wish to animate, then pass that into the class and it will make a nearly exact duplicate of the textfield, with each individual character in its own movieclip, then animate them in or out based on different parameters. It includes a dozen or so animation options. Go ahead and download the source and feel free to use this code wherever you like.

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Appcelerator – Batch File Actions

This is a tool that allows you to parse through folders and files and commit an action (move, delete, copy, rename) on any file and/or folder that matches certain criteria. You can even enter a regex to select items. This is written in JQuery and HTML, utilizing the Appcelerator Titanium engine to turn it into a desktop app that runs on Windows, Linux or Mac.

At this point the app is functional, but is still not tested enough to be reliable. I never got around to finalizing it or using it for my own purposes, though I would still like to someday. You can download the actual app and test it, but be certain not to let it near sensitive files. You can also download the source code, but you will need to have the Appcelerator development environment installed, and I can’t guarantee it will still work with newer versions of Appcelerator.

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Google App Engine Date Sync

This is a little app to hold values that could be loaded when needed from Flash banner ads. I worked with one other developer, but wrote most of the code, using Python and JQuery, with Google App Engine for the backend.

The idea is to enter start and end dates for your campaigns, so that your banners can know what information to display, reducing the need for re-building every time you need to update a promotional period or something. Also included were the custom fields, where you could update any kind of information on the fly.  I also built AS2 and AS3 Flash APIs that could be used to load the information. The video here is of the interface where you could enter all the values.

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Retail Price Calculator

In 2009 I made this Walmart wishlist banner in AS3. The data comes from an XML file and a folder full of merchandise images. It had two versions, one calculated price, the other served as a wish list without prices.

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Store Locator Demo (Google Maps API)

In 2010 I built a prototype for a T-Mobile store locator as a proof of concept, using the Google Maps API and a T-Mobile API.

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Flex FaceBook Image App

In early 2010, to learn the FaceBook API, I built a Flex application to allow you to quickly look through all your friends photos in one easy location. It no longer works because the server was taken down and FaceBook changed their API, but here’s a video to give you an idea of what it was.

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AS3 QuickTimer Class

When making banner ads, often times you need to condense your animations into a short period of time. I needed an easy way to see how long my animations were taking, but something that could be quickly turned off when I needed to publish for a client review. I came up with this simple QuickTimer class. Simply import the class, then create a new instance of QuickTimer, passing in a MovieClip. The class will create a little white box in the upper left corner that will count up the seconds. Alternately, you can pass in a textfield that it will use to display the timing, or you can pass in nothing, which will turn on traceMode to simply trace out the time.

package com{

	import flash.text.TextField;
	import flash.events.TimerEvent;
	import flash.utils.Timer;

	public class QuickTimer{

		private var mainTimer:Timer;
		private var _txt:TextField;

		private var milliseconds:int;

		private var strTime:String;
		private var traceMode:Boolean = false;

		public function QuickTimer(txt:* = null){//pass in either a textfield or movieClip to attach a textField

				traceMode = true;
				if(txt is TextField){
					_txt = txt;
					_txt.parent.visible = true;
					_txt = new TextField();
					_txt.height = 15;
					_txt.width = 26;
					_txt.background = true;
					txt.visible = true;
					_txt.x = 5;
					_txt.y = 5;
				_txt.visible = true;

			mainTimer = new Timer(100);
			milliseconds = 0;
			mainTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, updateTime);

		private function updateTime(evt:TimerEvent):void{
			milliseconds += 1;

			var seconds:int = Math.floor(milliseconds/10);
			var remaining:int = milliseconds - seconds*10;

			strTime = seconds + ":" + remaining;
			if(traceMode && remaining == 0){
				trace("QuickTimer: " + seconds + " seconds");
				_txt.text = strTime;

		public function stopTimer(){

				trace("QuickTimer end: " + strTime);

		public function traceTime(timeLabel:String = null){
				trace(timeLabel + ": " + strTime);
				trace("QuickTimer current time: " + strTime);



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Mooster Day Flash Banners

In 2010 I built a set of animated Flash banners for a nonprofit called Global Nomads Group centering around a character called the Mooster, half moose, half rooster, who goes “Cock-a-doodle-moo”. These banners were developed entirely with the GreenSock tweening engine. The versions I’m showing here are in ActionScript 3, but I also converted all of them to ActionScript 2 for a few sites who would not accept AS3 ads.

This first one is the 300×250 version. Be sure to look at the other two, as they are very different designs, by clicking on the page buttons at the bottom of the post.

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Catch the Water Droplets (Flash Game)

In 2010 I built a set of interactive banner ads for the clean water charity, Tap Project, using a little piece of transparent video. Hover to control the cup.

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I also made a number of other sizes, like 300×250, 728×90, 160×600. Here is the 130×400:

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